Friday, February 12, 2016

Renewable Energy Networking Event hosted by OCR / PickMySolar / ASES

I get a lot of emails asking why OCR doesn't do regular meetings anymore.  We prefer to hold off on asking to donate your time to an event until it is really something special... and this EVENT is that something special!

Please join OC Renewables, the American Solar Energy Society and for a limited attendance open house at the recently finished La Kretz Clean Tech Innovation Campus in Los Angeles on Feb 18 at 6pm. 

You will be hosted to a tour of the center, a short presentation about ASES / OCR and PickMySolar and then open it to networking and refreshments.  Come and talk to some of the most well connected clean tech entrepreneurs in LA!   We also expect some guests from the press and the public sector.  

Please RSVP by registering at EventBrite at this link.  It is absolutely free, but attendance is limited to 60x guests.  

A PDF flyer of the event is at this link.  Simo and I (and Max from PickMySolar) can't wait to see you there!

~ Adam

Thursday, February 4, 2016

SOLAR 2016 Conference Call For Abstracts!

If you are in the solar biz, then you know the two main industry conference every year are Intersolar held in San Francisco, and Solar Power International which is held in a different city every year.

What you might not know is that OC Renewables parent organization, ASES, is having their 2016 SOLAR conference IN PARTNERSHIP with Intersolar this year from July 11-13, 2016 at the Intercontinental Hotel in San Franciso, the same time and place as Intersolar.  This means you get access to two fantastic conference experiences in one place, at one time.

While Intersolar is more focused on the business end, ASES SOLAR 2016 is focused on the technical, the practical and the interesting facets of solar / renewable energy.  Abstract submission for speakers at the conference is now open and closes Feb 22, so if you are working on something interesting, please do drop an abstract for a chance to present a poster or a talk at the show this July.

Topics of specific interest at the conference for ASES include:

Technology Advances:

Renewable Heat
Renewable Electricity
Clean Transportation
Energy Efficiency

Managing a Grid with High Penetration Renewables:

Renewables Working Together
Electrical and Thermal Storage
Renewable Energy Resource Forecasting
Resource Assessment
Load Management

Energy Economics, Public Involvement and Participation:

Resource Conservation
Public Education Innovations
Policy and Financing
Solar Decathlon and Related Competitions
Community Solar
Solar on Native Lands
Community-based Actions

Zero and Low Energy Buildings:

Resilient/Regenerative/Low-energy/Low-carbon architecture
Building Simulation Tools and Monitoring
Daylighting Methods and Case Studies
Embodied Energy and Life Cycle Assessment

I'll definitely see you there!